Wednesday, March 30, 2016

World Storytelling Day: March 2016. 'Strong Women'

A hearty thank you to all who joined in the Storytelling Victoria celebrations for World Storytelling Day as both tellers and listeners. Here's a glimpse of the fun.

As an organisation, we decided three years ago to acknowledge this global day, beginning with a small event hosted by Teena Hartnett. In fact, we have Teena to thank for nurturing and growing our celebrations since that time.

This year our enthusiasm spread throughout March. Beginning with  a gathering at the RAW Gardenon on March 6. We were also celebrating International Women's Day when we heard stories of Strong Women washed down with plates of Ethiopian food. Stories of survival, wisdom and strength were shared in personal stories, folk tales and myths.  
  David Demant
Traveling Canadian storyteller, Sue Charters, extended her stay in Australia just so she could join us.
Sue Charters

Members of the committee met with READINGS Bookstore and a plan was hatched to host events across three stores in Carlton, Hawthorn and St Kilda on March 19 and 20. Angela Crocombe (children's book buyer) made us welcome as we snuggled in between the shelves early on Saturday morning.
Angela Crocombe and Jackie Kerin
Susan Hall traveled up from Geelong to be with us. Susan is a librarian with Geelong Libraries.

Susan Hall
And Susan Sandow delighted on and all when she swept into the store as Moth.

On Sunday Kate Lawrence zipped between Hawthorn where she joined Rosemary Sayer who shared stories that came from her interviews with refugees and asylum seekers -  'More to the Story'. And then she raced across to St Kilda to tell a story of her own.
Rosemary Sayer and Kate Lawrence
 Kim Billington
At the St Kilda store, Teena curated our signature event where Storytelling Vic members gathered to share tales of wonder and transcendence. This time washed down with wine generously provided by Readings.
Ian McNally
Teena Hartnett

So that's it .. till next year, when the theme is Transformation.
Again let me acknowledge the work of the committee in planning and promoting World Storytelling Day, especially Teena who drives it along. Chris Gordon and Angela Crocombe from Readings and the team at the the RAW Garden. And of course all the storytellers who came and shared stories and Alex Kharnam and Miles who bring cameras and tripods and document our events.

If you would like to join the SAV team and help with events, we would love to have you. Whether its slinging a tea towel, phaffing about on Facebook, putting out the chairs, cleaning up the wine glasses, mcing ... drop us a line

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