Monday, November 4, 2013

Storytelling Vic tellers spotted at The Village Festival 2013

The Edingurgh Gardens came alive with mayhem and madness: music, food, dogs, discos, storytelling and so much more. Storytelling Vic tellers were out in force. Teena Hartnett (co creator of Ladders to the Moon),  Niki na Meadhrea (Enchanted Evening), Andrew McKenna and Jackie Kerin were all there telling stories and hanging out with Village visitors.

There were stories for young and old: sweet, rude, heartfelt, ridiculous, global and local. We are a versatile bunch of wordsmiths. The storytelling rolled on from Friday through to Sunday - not only are we versatile, we are indefatigable.
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Pics from north to south:
1. Andrew describing how it feels to be half human half echidna.
2. Niki ready for action
3. Teena had them enchanted inside the black plastic inflatable thingy
4. Jackie posing in front of the Storytelling Vic banner ready for some Aussie tales. She loves that banner!

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