Monday, November 4, 2013

Jan Wositzky. Congratulations: Historical Interpretation Award and NLA Folk Fellowship 2013

pic: (L-R) Jan and John Ellis)

I'm off to Canberra at the weekend to put a couple of weeks in at the NLA (National Library of Australia) finishing my research on WE (Bill) Harney. I've been awarded the 2013-14 National Folk Fellowship to do this research and to put on a piece of storytelling theatre, to be titled 'Bilarni', at the National Folk Festival next Easter. My focus in the show is to be black-white relations in Australia through the life of Harney. So finally I will be bringing this project to bear fruit - it's been going since 1987.

The Monster Meeting CDs also won the Historical Interpretation Award at the Victorian Community History Awards this year, which is a nice bit of acknowledgement, and we're moving that project towards a short documentary.

Learn more about The Monster Meeting HERE

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