Saturday, January 28, 2012

Sharing stories with colleagues and friends around the world

Matteo, Mariella, Jackie, Anne

It's been a busy couple of months with storytellers dropping by from Canada, the UK and Portugal.

There is alway so much to share and so little time.

With storytellers spread out across the State it's not always possible for everyone to connect. Anne Stewart lives in Daylesford, some distance from Melbourne and missed out on meeting our most recent guests Martin Jefferd (UK) and Mariella Bertelli (Canada) at the Gathering. Simply not good enough for one of our life members to miss out on all the fun! Matteo kindly arranged to collect Mariella and bring her across the Westgate Bridge while Anne jumped in her car and travelled east. The meeting point was Jackie Kerin's house where the kettle was on and lunch was waiting.

Of all the Vic storytellers Anne is probably the most travelled having made trips to the Scottish International Storytelling Festival, the Welsh Festival Beyond the Border and others.

Swapping experiences and building networks and friendships around the world is especially exciting for storytellers working in the oral tradition.

Anne has a website generously sharing her journey as a storyteller. She has also recently updated her photo on the Guild page: Anne E Stewart

Matteo explaining the 'bunyip' to Mariella

And speaking of sharing ... please enjoy this video from Vic Guild friend Luis Correia Carmelo from Portugal. Luis has a stall he can erect in parks and other outdoor settings. He charges between 1 and 5 euro for a story

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