Monday, January 16, 2012

Vic Guild welcomes Martin Jefferd and Mariella Bertelli

Martin Jefferd

Thanks to the internet, the Vic Guild has been relishing building relationships with storytellers nationally and internationally. We recently had the pleasure of hosting an event to welcome Martin Jefferd from Bristol (UK) and Mariella Bertelli (Canada). Mcd by Vic storyteller, Matteo, it was wonderful to see not only some of the Guild's longest serving members but a scattering of new faces as well.

The stories were kicked off by JB Rowley - a children's fairy tale about how wattle came to be. This ignited a feisty discussion on the recent split of the Acacia species ... ahh the peripatetic imagination of the storyteller!

Following on, our guest Martin Jefferd, took to the chair. Beginning with news of the story scene in Bristol, Martin urged that we check out the Bristol Storytelling Festival. Martin tells traditional tales to adult audiences. He delivered us a story with heart - a classic tale containing good advice from the 'Henwife' - 'Look after the animals and the animals will look after you'. Martin enjoys seeking out storytellers wherever he travels. He found us on the net and we are grateful to have enjoyed his warmth and generous sharing.

Mariella Bertelli

Mariella is a friend and colleague of Jan Andrews and Jennifer Caley who visited us last year. Mariella tells wonder tales, personal stories and uses kamishibai and toy theatre to craft stories. Her speciality is tales from The Decameron - the 14th century medieval allegory by Giovanni Boccaccio. Although now living in Canada, Mariella grew up in Rome. The richness of her telling is deepened by the musical lilt in her accent. With sensual language and a gleam in her eye, Mariella added layers of innuendo to her tale of the Italian chef who stole the leg of a crane to feed his mistress. Mariella suggested we look at the Canadian storytelling website here and the Federation of European Storytelling.

' But it isn't easy, said Pooh to himself, 'because poetry and hums aren't things which you get, they're things which get you, and all you can do is go where they can find you.' A A Milne. (The House At Pooh Corner).

'When the heart overflows it comes out though the mouth.' Ethiopian proverb.

Julia Reichstein

With these quotes, Matteo invited Vic tellers to take to the chair and share a story or two with our guests. We were thrilled to hear from Kate Lawrence and Julia Reichstein (for both it was their first time in the chair) and old-timer Jim Rush. Jackie Kerin closed the day with a fusion folk and history tale set in south Australia in 1837

Sometimes we need a reason to make the effort to gather and there is none better than extending the hand of hospitality. Because of Martin and Mariella's afternnon tea, we had the joy of seeing long-missed tellers Suzanne Sandow, Patricia and Renata, Janet Tucker, Susan Pepper and Graham Davey.

Once again, thank you to the Mentone Public Subscription Library for opening their doors for our gathering, in particular Jean Critchley, Tony Brooker, Sue Blackford and Julia Reichstein.

JB Rowley and Graham Davey

Julia, Jackie, Matteo and Jim ... and yes we do need a new banner!

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  1. Weather-wise it was an unseasonably cold day but otherwise it was a warm day all round: sizzling combination of stories and saucy fun. JB :-)