Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Newport Folk Festival: WORDS WORDS WORDS

This little festival has gone from strength to strength. Celebrating musicians, visual artists, writers and spoken word.

WORDS is an event dedicated to the wordsmiths in the community and guests, inviting them to step up to the mic and share their creative adventures.

Organised for the Newport Folk Club by Storytelling Vic - this is a mix of poetry, songs, recitation and traditional storytelling.

Pictured here at the mic is Lee Fox sharing with us her newest book for children Ella Kazoo Will Not Go To Sleep (illustrated by Cathy Wilcox). If you are following tales about Kamishibai storytelling in Victoria, Lee is another enthusiast of this style of story making.

Jan (Yarn) Wositzky stepped up with a comic piece. Later that evening Jan performed with the Bushwackers and Bullockies Bush Band in the Newport Substation to finally launch a cd they recorded 37 years ago! The Shearer's Dream.

JB Rowley, author and Vic Guild Storyteller told the story of Scheherazade. Scheherazade is the frame story for One Thousand and One Nights. This title is so familiar but few of us have heard the story and JB tells it masterfully.

See more pictures of the Festival and share some of the fun: Newport Folk Festival

Bushwackers and Bullockies: The Shearer's Dream CD and downloads available: here.

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