Sunday, July 24, 2011

Gael Cresp. Storyteller and Author. Storytelling Guild Victoria

Storyteller Gael Cresp
Gael tells a mix of traditional tales, modern stories she has written and heavily adapted versions of old stories.

She works with children of all ages, parents, other adults, teachers, early education workers, health care professionals and large corporations entertaining and training.

Programs are designed around the needs of the listener.

Ph: 03 9569 6149

Storytelling Coaching
What do you want to know about your storytelling?

After storytelling for over 30 years I realized there were things I needed to know about my performance, specific questions I had about my process and delivery, so I began to look into the literature on developing one ' s storytelling and methods of teaching others how to develop theirs.

My methods are firmly rooted in the needs of the storyteller and I attempt to address the tellers ' direct and expressed wishes.

Individuals or Groups, in person or via Telephone or Skype. Confidential assistance.


The Biography of Gilbert Alexander Pig. (Cygnet/Benchmark, 1999 & Puffin, 2001)
and as The Tale of Gilbert Alexander Pig by Barefoot Books 2000. (UK & GB)

Fish for Breakfast (A Windy Hollow Book, Benchmark, 2002)
$15 each (inc GST and Postage)

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