Monday, March 19, 2018


We live in a world shaped by stories. Stories are the threads of our lives and the fabric of human cultures. A story can unite or divide people(s), obscure issues, or spotlight new perspectives. A story can inform, deceive, enlighten or entertain, or even do all of the above. Personally as a story worker, I think stories are the building blocks of our world.

Our SAV vision is one where storytelling is valued as a skill and practice in the same way as reading, writing, arithmetic and art. Our purpose is to nurture the art of storytelling.

Our Storytelling Australia Victoria committee offered a scholarship to the to Sydney International Storytelling Conference to support the building of storytelling skills in our community. We want those skills to be taken our into the world to participate in our vision of seeing storytelling as a valued skill and practice. We see this scholarship as a way to nurture members of our community in their art of storytelling.

We had a few very strong applications that shared with us their using of storytelling to create a better world. Using stories to connect with (young) people, to introduce ideas of love, and justice and equality.

The SAV committee is very happy to announce that Daniela B├╝cheler-Scott has been awarded the 2018 scholarship that includes attendance to the Sydney International Storytelling Conference, covering the cost of registration for the event and $200 cash to go towards accommodation and travel.
Dani in the RAW Garden September 2016 (photo: Jackie Kerin)
It was a really hard decision to make -  to decide who to award the place to, as the applications were so strong. But what we know is that we have amazing storytellers who value storytelling in the same way the committee does, and that SAV is excited to nurture the art of storytelling by offering this scholarship.

Many on the committee hope that the scholarship is something that becomes an annual event - and a lasting legacy of the current committee.

We wish to thank everyone who applied, and to congratulate Daniela on this scholarship - we know that you will get an extraordinary amount out of attending the conference!

Yours In Story,

Lana Woolf
Secretary & Memberships of the SAV committee