Wednesday, March 7, 2018

DAYLESFORD: Anne E Stewart March 10 - 12

We Can Live A Rainbow

 Storyteller Anne E Stewart has lived in Daylesford for 27 years and has watched her small country town turn into one of regional Australia’s most gay friendly towns. This prompted the question, some years back, “Why is it so gay friendly?" What followed was an interesting social history explained in her show, “So who was the first gay in the Village?"

With the passing of the marriage equality act she attended celebrations at the local Daylesford Hotel and started pondering on a different set of questions

The recent birth of her granddaughter had Anne thinking on rainbow families and the stories they tell their children.
“My granddaughter looked so like her dad, I wondered how gay families told their children about their genetic makeup. Who was their dad, their mum? Were there any restrictions on IVF treatment?"

From a literary family, Anne wondered how rainbow families were depicted in literature. What were the stories that spurred and encouraged their children?

This all had Anne wondering on conversations with gay families. Are you able to ask about donors, or is that off limits? How are their families planned and conceived? What was the journey?

A straight women, Anne’s passion for storytelling and love for her home town have her working through some of these questions.

"There are many rainbow families in Daylesford and I was just keen to celebrate this with respectful discussions."

Story house and garden's resident storyteller, Anne E Stewart, shines a light on rainbow families to uncover language and etiquette around respectful communication and relationships.

Refreshments supplied
Saturday 10th March 3pm -4.30pm
Sunday 11th March 3pm- 4.30pm
Monday 12th March 1pm -2.30pm
Story House and Garden: 52 Millar Street, Daylesford


*photo of Anne courtesy of Michelle Dunn