Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Opportunities: Australian Fairy Tale Society and AOST

Storytelling Australia Victoria is all about telling stories but some of us also like to write, podcast, blog and vlog and all of us can talk story till the cows come home!

Here are two opportunities from our members, to share your story interests and talents : The Australian Fairy Tale Society and Art of Oral Story Telling (AOST) editor, Lana Woolf.


Bold heroes and heroines, tricksters, thieves and animal helpers. The Australian Fairy Tale Society Ezine is launching a short story fairy tale competition.
  • Theme: 'Cunning & Cleverness'
  • Word limit: 100 - 1500 words
  • Closing date: 17th April 2018
It's time to let your imagination swirl into the realm of fairy tales.
Re-construct your favourite fairy tale or spin us a new yarn.
There are prizes to be won and the three winning entries will be published in the winter edition of the Ezine.

Our external judges are Monique Mulligan, Sophie Masson and Nike Sulway.

For more information regarding our submission guidelines please click on this LINK.
Happy writing!
Enchanted regards,
The AFTS Ezine Editorial Troupe


Get a wriggle on and join in the AOST fun...

AOST is an on line journal, so perhaps, if writing is not your thing, you could propose a video essay?

Currently AOST is asking, what is inside your storytelling toolbox?
  • Do you work with children? 
  • Is your toolbox full of puppets and props? 
  • Are you a podcaster? 
  • Is your toolbox full of leads, mics and spare batteries? 
  • Perhaps you like to film and your tool box is really a boot full of lights, cameras and tripods? 
  • Perhaps you like to dress up and you have a wardrobe full of crazy outfits or perhaps you have a favourite musical instrument that never leaves your side? 
Whatever is in you tool box, do think about sharing ...

All inquiries and submissions email:
AOST reviews submissions as they come.

Join the global community of contributors: Kenya, India, Brazil, Portugal and Italy have all chimed in so far. Articles are published in languages other than English.

Have a look at the contributions so far: AOST