Sunday, January 21, 2018

NIDAnights: Spirit of Place: 15 February 2018

This evening will be hosted by Kate Lawrence. Kate is a communication artist; she is a storyteller, speaker, facilitator and writer. She hosts, coaches, teaches and speaks. She is the founding director of Story Wise, a TEDx speaker, a former community lawyer and a life member of the Victoria Women’s Football League. She is also a valued member of Storytelling Australia Victoria.

Place can evoke a heady mix of images and emotions - the vast expanse of desert land, the salty roar of the ocean, the aching heartbreak of pollution.

Join us for an intimate evening of eclectic stories about ‘Place’, from a curated weave of folk, fable and contemporary storytellers.

Through the lens of story, we’ll explore the big questions: Can nurturing a love of spaces fuel a passion for sustainability? Do stories deepen our connection to country and community? How do we, all at once, love and grieve and heal our relationship to place?

We’ll also bask in the simple pleasures: sights, smells, sounds, and the roller coaster ride of a good story.

If you are interested in exploring more about the series Nidanights visit HERE

NIDAnights Spirit of Place: more information 

Spirit of Place is part of National Sustainable Living Festival

*Photo by Brodie Rowlands

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