Thursday, September 1, 2016

Story Wise Women: True, Personal Storytelling Nights in Melbourne

Women's experiences are different, how we see the world, how we are treated in the world and how we make sense of the world are distinctive, and diverse.
Women's stories are not heard as loudly, as often, as seriously or amusingly as they could be.  

Women need space and time to tell, to be heard, to listen and connect through sharing experiences, through our crafted stories.  We need to make sense of our lives in a way that brings peace and hope to the events that have shaped us, as we then in turn shape them into a story. We then give this as part gift part message to our audience and know ourselves in a deeper way.  

Inaugural Story Wise Women
7.30pm - 10pm
23 September 2016  (and continuing on the fourth Friday of the month)
North Melbourne Maternal & Child Health Centre
505 Abbotsford Street, North Melbourne

(Also set up as a Meet Up group and you can access the Meet Up here.)

Here are the guidelines for storytellers:
1. Stories must be true, personal stories i.e. they happened to you the teller.
2. Stories must be told without notes and no longer than 8 minutes.
3. Let kind hearts and common sense prevail - sexist, racist, misogynist and homophobic stories hurt people. Stories should also not be used to put anyone down, to take revenge or to embarrass anyone else.
4. Stories are recorded as audio with the aim of publishing them on a podcast, but this is only done with a tellers permission, which will be given or not, on the evening.
5. Photos will also be taken, to help promote the next event, but will only be used if there is no objection from audience or tellers.