Wednesday, September 7, 2016

INVITATION from the Australian Fairy Tale Society: 11 September

Storytellers are welcome to join a fairy tale afternoon tea in Castlemaine this Sunday. It’s $5 for non-members of the Australian Fairy Tale Society, and free for AFTS members.

When: Sunday 11th September at 2pm
Where: Fig Cafe (formerly Apple Annie's), 31 Templeton St, Castlemaine
(a short walk from Castlemaine Station)

The Australian Fairy Tale Society has themes of discussion every two months. This time it’s The Frog King.

Member benefits include access to a Reading List (optional pre-reading/ post-reading) and Points to Ponder (a separate word doc from our Ring Maiden Jo Henwood), as well as free meetings, discounts to conferences, access to the new Members Only section of the website, and now a new exclusive-to-members expanded Ezine (approx 30-pages of articles & pics), of which I am co-editor. More about our improved Member Benefits here.

Informal Agenda for this Sunday:

Frog King chat - Points to Ponder in the pond
Related tales, e.g. Iron Henry/ Iron John (wildman), riffing on themes
Your news: exhibitions, concerts, releases * 
Plan an eve at the Athenaeum Library (non-members of the library & AFTS are also welcome)
Suggestions for our new AFTS ezine?
Fantasy writing: chance to read brief samples aloud & seek constructive advice

Fey regards,

Louisa John-Krol

Vice President of the Australian Fairy Tale Society
Leader of the Victorian Fairy Tale Ring
Co-editor of the new AFTS Ezine
Public Officer of Storytelling Australia Victoria
Member of Writers Victoria, the Athenaeum Library & Monash Fairy Tale Salon