Wednesday, July 6, 2016

'Stories by the Fire': Newport Folk Festival 2016

Storytelling has had a place at the Newport Folk Festival since it all began nine years ago. We used to mix it up with some of Melbourne's finest performance poets and songwriters  and called the event  'WORDS WORDS WORDS'. But for some time now, its been Stories by the Fire with  storytellers from Story Vic gathering around the hearth, telling and inviting guests to share the space.
Teena Hartnett hosting 'Stories by the Fire'
We've enjoyed the warmth of many hosts over the years: Matteo, Niki na Meadhra, Ian McNally and Kate Lawrence and in recent times Teena Hartnett has taken on the task and become a loved and welcome presence at the Newport Festival in the old Scout Hall.

Niki na Meadhra (photo Gerry Nelson)
Friend of Storytelling Vic, Gerry Nelson, was the official Festival photographer and caught some beautiful images of the evening. Alex Kharnam recorded much of it on video and in time we can share some of the results. But for now, here is a glimpse into Stories by the Fire.
Roslyn Quin (photo Gerry Nelson)
These winter story gatherings have been supported since their inception by Claudette D'Cruz and No Worries Curries. Claudette supplies us with the makings and litres of spicy chai are brewed throughout the winter months.

Father and son tandem tellers: Miles and Alex Kharnam  (photo Gerry Nelson)
We thank all the storytellers that rock up to share their art, open up their hearts to newcomers and invite others to see what we are all about.
Father and daughter Simon and Lilly-Anne (photo Gerry Nelson). Lilly-Anne's first story ever!
Storyteller Dee
Vege soup around the fire. Please join us next year. It all happens on the Saturday evening in the first week end of July.

And finally a special thanks to Miles and Alex who rigged up some lights so we could actually gather and tell around the hearth.

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