Sunday, July 31, 2016

Anne E Stewart: WORDS IN WINTER Daylesford August

STORY SLAM:  Food For Thought
hosted by Anne E Stewart 

In the classic Australian novel, My Brother Jack, by George Johnston, food is used as a device to describe and differentiate various characters in his life, for example Johnston writes that Helen his first wife borrows ideas from Ladies Home Journal, for a dinner party creating ‘Sixteen Savouries with a Difference’.
The result of all her labours was lavish and striking...colour was to be her theme... and it glittered in Gherkin parings and maraschino and pale cheese and purple olives and blushing carrot grating.......and oranges curiously porcupined by coloured pickled onions stuck there on toothpicks...

In comparison he describes visiting friends for ... a very simple and wonderful dinner, a clear soup and then a huge steak and kidney pie that was bought to the table in its blue enamel baking dish, and a chocolate mousse to follow, and dry biscuits with Camembert and Gorgonzola. When Gavin ... cut down into the pie and the steam came and the rich baking smell, and it went inside my head like an ecstatic drug, and for a magical instant I was back in the old kitchen, with Mother and Jean and Marj all baking away on a Sunday morning.

After a fight with his wife food is again used as a way of telling the story,
it made me think of the steak and kidney pie....and she was out there and there were no smells coming from the kitchen, no food smells, Sunday morning smells and I thought of all the meals we had eaten together that had no smells, all the clever and exotic imaginative tasteless plates of nothing that we had eaten by the refined glow of coloured candles.

With the above as your inspiration we are looking for stories where food is intrinsic to the narrative. It can be a fun story, something serious, a personal story or something that happened to someone else but at itʼs heart is food.

You will have 5 minutes to tell us your story.

When: Saturday 6th August
Time: 2.00 to 2.50 pm
Where: Festival Hub, 81 Vincent Street Daylesford
Cost: $5 online $10 at door
BOOKINGS: Words in Winter website

WORKSHOP: Storytelling for Social Change

Personal and collective stories are important for social change. In this workshop Anne will be teasing out local, personal, traditional and community stories and illustrating how they can be used to effect social change.

Storytelling not only transforms the teller but also creates empathy with the listener. In this interactive workshop Anne will guide you through traditional tales that salute the power of storytelling, help you fashion and present personal tales and develop community stories that share cultural beliefs, history, traditions and our hopes and aspirations for a better planet .

The skills of selecting, learning and telling stories will be demonstrated and opportunities for participants to tell will be included in this workshop.

The objective is to build capacity in participants to tell stories that create empathy and contribute to positive social change.

When: Saturday 13th August
Where: Storyhouse. 52 Millar St, Daylesford
Time:  1- 4pm
Bookings Essential:
or phone 0408 550 945
Cost: $40
Concession/ Storytelling Australia Victoria members $25

(After the workshop, stay for afternoon tea and support a letter writing campaign. Re: Youth Detention)

Anne E Stewart's website HERE

Thank you Anne E for sharing your events at Words in Winter with us. (blog ed)