Monday, May 9, 2016

Storytelling Australia Victoria Website

When was the last time you took yourself for a romp around our website? 

Our aim is to serve our members and meet the needs and curiosity of the general public so there are always changes. These changes are a reflection of the hard work of the Storytelling Victoria committee and members.
 If this is sounding like a trumpet blast, well it is! I'm feeling proud.

A huge thanks to the committee past and present and to all of you who  contribute time, send us articles, resources and links to share. Keep them coming.

We encourage working member storytellers to list themselves. We now have a process on our storyteller's page to assist employers in their search. This means that tellers can be contacted directly and continue with their negotiations independently. We encourage storytellers with all interests and expertise: traditional tellers, personal, coaches, early childhood, schools, aged care, storytellers with bells and whistles, storytellers using story as part of a broader practice (e.g. therapeutic)...

Special thanks to Kate Lawrence who as well as all the work she is doing to grow the storytelling community around Woodend, she looks after our website. The website and our social media platforms are a constant work in progress, so the work is never done.

Maybe one day we will have a building but in the meantime I love this photo of our banner in front of this little storytelling caravan. Our beautiful quilted banner was handcrafted by Vic teller Susan Pepper. Over the years it has flown in festivals and conferences in humble huts in the bush, posh theatres in the city, crowded tents, and in this case it was adorning a tiny caravan in the Edinburgh Gardens as part of the The Village Festival.

We welcome new committee members. We understand that people are busy and can accommodate that. The committee meet monthly via teleconference so we can include people from regional Victoria but you must be a financial member. 

EMAIL: SUBJECT: Can I please join the committee?

Storytelling Australia Victoria HERE

Enjoy the stories wherever you are,

Jackie Kerin (president)

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