Saturday, May 21, 2016

Fabled Nights in Newport May 2016

Fabled Nights number 2. Only 999 before we celebrate 1001

Here we are, a little blurry with the excitement of it all. And more people arrived after the photograph was taken. Cake and chai are a signature of the evenings in Newport.
Storytellers traveled from Ringwood, Geelong, Bruswick and just around the corner to share tales. It was Matteo who took on the task of warming the room and telling the first story.
Dave entertained with a classic Aussie bush yarn about Bullock drivers. You don't see them in Newport anymore.
 Roslyn gave us a gruesome account of a creature that lurks in a drain in Ringwood near a bus stop with scissor like hands who has a taste for human flesh. She outwitted it. Clever women! We don't have creatures living in drains in Newport any more. Not allowed.
Teena had a tale - a reminder that Death will come to us all.
And Susan shared a story with a gentle reminder that a little courtesy and honesty in life will take you a long way.
And there was Jackie and Sarah with their musical and story collaboration, and Alan with his masterful recitation of a  C.J. Dennis poem and David D with his tale of linguistic coincidences.

Thank you Teena for setting up the Hall, David D for the wine, Roslyn for the washing up, Claudette for donating the chai and to all who came -  the tellers and listeners.

Please join us for the next Fabled Night in Newport: June 17. Newport Scout Hall, 6 Market Street, Newport (opp the Substation). 7.30 - 10.00 pm. $3.00 (members of Storytelling Vic and Newport Fiddle and Folk Club) $5.00 (non members).

This is a relaxed open-hearted event that equally welcomes stories in progress and those well polished; a creative and collaborative space for stories of all kinds. Come and put your name on the board and have a go at telling a story.

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