Saturday, November 28, 2015

Sydney International Storytelling Conference 2016: PROPOSALS

If you have trouble opening the links, visit the Australian Storytelling Guild (NSW) site HERE 

Call for contributions

This is a call to all who have a passion for the art and practice of oral storytelling to put in a proposal for a workshop, a performance, and/or a poster for the Weaving Stories Together - Sydney International Storytelling Conference 2016:
The theme for this year's conference is Through the Prism of Story

Choose a proposal submission form below.
Workshop  - closes Friday January 15th 2016
Performance  - closes Tuesday February 16th 2016
Poster  - closes Monday March 14th 2016

Suggested Guidelines for Poster presentation

On Friday night at the welcoming soiree we will be including a Story Slam!  Anyone can join in and tell a story. It does not matter if you are a first time teller or have a vast repertoire up your sleeve. It is all in the spirit of good fun and entertainment. .. so do come prepared.
  1. Bring a 5 minute story of any genre to tell and put your name in ‘the hat’ as you arrive. 
  2. Names are drawn randomly from those submitted for the chance to tell.  A minimum of 8 tellers will be selected or more if time permits.
  3. Stories are to be told, not read and presented without props or musical instruments.
  4. Three judges will be selected from the audience. Each storyteller is given a score on a scale of 1-10 for three different criteria: content, presentationand adherence to the 5 minute timeframe.
  5. The winner will receive a prize and the prestige of being the Conference Story Slam Winner!
  6. If you don’t want to tell and want to be a listener or if your name isn’t chosen – you can still join in the fun and be able to participate as audience members by laughing, crying, clapping, and cheering!

Throughout the conference there will be a number of Story Circles so come prepared to share a story there as well if you wish.

Thank you NSW, the Vic tellers are already excited about contributing to this conference!

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