Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Andrew McKenna and Caithlin Meave. 26 January 2013

The thin place

Irish songs and stories of mystery and life 
Performed by Andrew McKenna and Caithlin Meave

There was a man who came here of the O’Donnells, and he was a bad man. A saint in heaven would have been bothered finding any good in him. He came here around the time of the Hunger. By God you should o’ seen things in them days …

The Irish have a brilliant tradition of telling tales, and Andrew McKenna and Caithlin Meave perform stories and songs that conjure the ‘thin place’, where our realm and the world of spirits intersects. 

I’m collaborating with lovely local singer Caithlin Meave for what will be a great gig. Hope to see you there!

Not suitable for children under 12.  

Newstead Live!
Saturday 26 January: Community Centre Newstead 2.50pm
Sunday 27 January: Anglican Church Newstead, 2.30pm

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