Monday, December 17, 2012

Workshop: Clare Coburn: Listening at the Crossroads 2013

Dear All

I have been repeating the mantra ‘No expectations’ as we approach Christmas—no expectations about the behaviour of others, that is. For myself, I aim for a little more tolerance, patience and deeper listening yet will also forgive myself when I get caught up in old stories and old patterns—listening to the goblins on my shoulder. A Serbian story I told at the November Enchanted Evening ‘The sun-god’s castle’, offers an image of the voices that whisper in our ears so that we neglect the wisdom we know in our hearts.

On the theme of listening and story, I will offer a workshop on ‘listening at the crossroads’ in early 2013. It was very well received in New Zealand in October. There’s some information attached. Please contact me if you have any queries.

I’ve also been pondering peace—that it’s not a fluffy ideal but something that requires us to be comfortable with tension and difficulty and retain equanimity—it’s on my Christmas list as well for myself and for others—may we all find peace and contentment amidst all the challenges, and let’s listen to and nurture the wisdom in our hearts.

Warm wishes for Christmas and the holiday season


~listening at the crossroads~the power of listening and story
 with Clare Coburn
Sunday 10 and 17 February, 3 March 2013
1.30pm to 5.30pm
Christian Community Chapel, 319 Auburn Road, Hawthorn
Cost $140 (full price) /$120 (concession) (includes afternoon tea)
Contact Clare for details:
Clare Coburn, PhD

fabled communication

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