Thursday, December 20, 2012

An invitation from Luke Simmons and ‘bytestories’: Use the festive season's downtime and be creative!

Use the festive season's downtime and be creative!

An invitation from Luke Simmons and ‘bytestories’

Hello Storytellers,

I thought of getting in touch because, evidently, we share the same passion for story telling!

Based in St Kilda, I run which is a site dedicated to sharing short stories (approx. 250 word limit) based on real-life events.  i.e. Sad/funny/dangerous/profound "scenes" that people has witnessed while at home or abroad.

We launched version 1.0 of the site in October and we've tuned the site to appeal to everyday people that just want to share a story with friends as well as those that want to promote themselves and their work.  For example, I've got a number of comedians to post up some stories due to the way that we can help generate traffic for their social media and/or web page - plus I'm in charge of seeding it throughout social media as well.  Check out this link of Michael Connell's profile page.

In terms of a spoken form of our stories, we just shot a video with Michael Connell where he recited this story;  If this video proves popular throughout social media, perhaps there may be some opportunities for your group to become involved in some way/shape/form.  Please feel free to “like” us on Facebook to be given the link when it’s released in January.

I’d like to welcome members of Storytelling Australia (Vic), friends and colleagues to have a look at the site and share some tales.  It’s okay if they’ve previously been published or written.

Please contact me if you have any queries at all.

Kind (est) regards!


Luke Simmons
f - /bytestories 

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