Friday, November 23, 2012

Bettina Nissen: Theme: Community - Creativity - Change 2012

  • Bettina Nissen, a well-loved and respected member of the Australian Storytelling community, lived with us here in Victoria for almost a decade. In that time she mentored new storytellers and visited many schools, childcare centres and libraries and performed and mcd many storytelling events. Bettina returned to her home in Queensland a while ago but we still think of her as ‘one of us’!

    Folk tales don’t beat about the bush. They have always told us about the hard times – poverty, heartbreak and injustice – and celebrate the creativity of communities to address these inequities with wry humour. Deception Bay’s Bettina Nissen will treat you to a story (they’re not just for kids) and explore the idea of folk tales in a contemporary context.

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