Friday, November 23, 2012

Australian Storytelling (Vic) welcomes Kerry-Anne Gaia. 2012

Kerry-Anne Gaia is an entertainer/storyteller for those who like a little magic and fairy dust.

When Kerry-Anne Gaia was born her father said she was a ‘fairy-child’ and gave her the name Kerry after the Ring of Kerry – the beautiful coastal trail that weaves through some of Irelands oldest historical sites. Anne was the name given to her by her mother and means ‘graceful’. Gaia is Italian and means ‘joy’.  Kerry-Anne says, ‘This is a true story. I am the fairy who brings joy’.

Kerry-Anne has a life-long love of stories, ‘I’ve been a storyteller all my life.’ She particularly likes traditional folk tales, some of her favourites being those from the Grimm’s anthologies. Her favourite literary story is The Wizard of OZ (Lyman Frank Baum) ‘… so clever and enchanting’.

The character of ‘Fairy Love Heart’ developed over a period of time. ‘I was nick-named ‘Fairy Anne’ and then later, as I collected love-hearts, I was ‘Love Heart’ and then came ‘Love Fairy’. So I decided to call my business ‘Love Fairies’ as I do love them and what they represent.

Kerry-Anne’s focus is entertainment with a positive message.
She specializes in children’s parties and corporate events.
Her events are designed for children 1 – 12 and as well as stories, include songs and face painting.

‘I do have other characters but that is another story...Scary Witch for Halloween spooky stories …’

You can read more about Kerry-Anne

Weribee Zoo Saturday  24 November  
Melbourne Zoo Saturday 8 December Friends of the Zoo annual picnic.

Waverley Gardens shopping Centre Wednesday 5 December 11am - 12pm Fairy love Heart Story Time and Songs finish with face painting out side Target.

Petes Ridge Festival  Kids on the Hill in the Rainbow Children's Garden 

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