Tuesday, April 24, 2012

PAVE Festival 2012

A brief item, just to share with you some of the fun that was had at the PAVE Festival in Emerald 2012. Vic Storytellers, Matteo, Jackie Kerin and JJ Sheills presented their collection of Grimm's Tales in the Cafe Redbox. For a very reasonable price, our hosts at Cafe Redbox provided a substantial and delicious meal. For Grimm lovers - the stories covered Red Cap (with a contemporary twist), The Six Servants, The Griffin, Three Army Surgeons and The Three Ravens. Playing to a full house - there is no doubt that these tales are still well loved, analysed, memorised and criticised.

A resident of Emerald, JJ was here, there and everywhere throughout the festival. When not telling stories he was spotted racing around with microphones, chairs and electric kettles. Jackie took advantage of JJ's hospitality and staying overnight on the mountain was able to attend the Poet's Breakfast on Sunday morning. Following a splendid feast of eggs, spinach and mushrooms, she launched into her story Edith's Lyrebird and was presented with a bottle of very nice red wine for her efforts.

Storytelling Australia (Vic) says thankyou to PAVE for making us so welcome and especially to JJ Sheills who not only devised The Grimm Reminder but also provided 4 star accommodation.

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