Friday, April 6, 2012

Canterbury Tales Book Club Project: Williamstown Literary Festival 6 May 2012

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WARNING: Coarse language, violence, sexual references and blasphemy

The Williamstown Literary Festival is spectacular in the way it showcases literature. There is something for everyone: w/shops, lectures, performances ... and the organisers always make room for spoken word and storytelling.

This year storytellers, writers and musicians have come together and created The Canterbury Tales Book Club Project. The Tales mark a turn in the history of English Literature, a popularising of the vernacular and a shift away fro the use of Latin and French for the purposes of literature.

The CT Book Club Project promises to entertain, provoke and offend with lectures, songs and re-tellings to whet your appetite for Chaucer. This is Chaucer 101 for enjoyment.

Presentations include: The Miller's Tale (Daniel O'Connell), the Pardoner's Tale (Jackie Kerin) and the Nun's Priest's Tale (Bernard Caleo). Each storyteller approaches the task in their own way.
Other presenters: Catherine Ryan, Claire Saxby, Simon Leverton (Musical Director) and Francis K. Clarke.

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WHERE: Williamstown Town Hall Council Chambers
WHEN: Sunday 6 May 2.15 – 5.00
Anticipate going over time and spilling into the local Tavern for further merriment

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