Thursday, December 22, 2011

Storytelling Guild Vic welcomes Luis Correia Carmelo

Storytelling Guild Vic recently had the pleasure of welcoming Portuguese storyteller Luis Correia Carmelo to our beautiful city.

Some months ago, Luis contacted the Guild as he was planning to attend a conference organised by Victoria University, The Oral, The Written and Other Verbal Media. Looking for a place to stay while in Melbourne and some Australian storytellers to interview as part of his phD, Julie Perrin and Jackie Kerin were able to stretch out a friendly hand. Luis's visit was very brief so the usual gathering the Guild would organise for a special guest was not possible.

Both Jackie and Luis presented at the conference. Luis's paper was titled: From Male to female and back: personified death in traditional and artistic Portuguese storytelling. In his paper Luis analysed the gender shifts in how Death has been depicted in Portuguese folktale.

With so little time and battling jet lag, Luis was able to squeeze in a some sightseeing. Julie guided him through the Victoria Market and a bush walk at Cape Schanck. During the breaks in the conference Jackie was able able to to take him on a tour of the State Library of Victoria and the now, famously painted, Hosier Lane

It seems that having a a wine in the upstairs bar at Young and Jacksons with 'Chloe' has become a compulsory activity as far as the Vic Guild is concerned. Luis was duly led up the stairs and taken to meet the beautiful girl, so loved and so much part of Melbourne's story.

WIth the advent of the internet, it has been our pleasure to welcome several overseas storytellers - Naomi Wilds, Debbie Guneratne, Dr Nicola Clare Grove from the UK and Jan Andrews and Jennifer Caley form Canada.

And now with Vic storyteller, Gael Cresp organising gatherings on skype we will hopefully be meeting more wonderful tale spinners from around the world.

Skype Storytelling Cafe info here.

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