Monday, May 2, 2011

Anne E Stewart. Newstead Short Story Tattoo 13, 14, 15 May 2011

The Newstead Short Story Tattoo is a biennial celebration of the art of the short story.

The event that will attract those of you interested in the art of oral storytelling takes place on Sat 14 May at the Newstead Racecourse. To quote from the Tattoo website...

Fire stories ...
"Fire Stories has morphed into the signature event of the NSST. Last time (2009) we were enthralled with oration and tales that came from under the sea and Flemington Racecourse, alongside the ghostly tale of Ronald Ryan, and some great country music. This time we have Don Walker weaving words with his versatile and well equipped tool box of tales, and a host of others, again celebrating a story song theme, such as the local hillbilly-blues man Archer Shepherd, and master storytellers Jan Wositsky, and Dave Thrussell. We are also lucky to have writers and poets of the international standard of Ian Irvine, and Sue King-Smith who will add their own poetical and prose exchanges to the warmth of the fire light. Anne E. Stewart was simply stunning last time around and it is hoped she can again join us." [ the news is out - Anne will be there!]

Other guests at the festival include Alicia Sometimes, Emilie Zoe Baker, Neil Boyack, Gary Foley, Jan Wositsky, Jo Bowers ... the list is a tantalising reason to make the trip and indulge in the hospitality of Newstead and the brilliance of the wordsmiths. The events are scattered in the historic buildings of the little town.

BTW: Tattoo organiser Neil Boyack assures storytellers that there will be space around the fire for those not listed on the program but who feel moved to share a yarn.

Learn more: Anne E Stewart

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