Thursday, September 2, 2010

Rocket Clock: Time to Tell. October 6 Trades Hall

Rocket Clock Story Slam: Wednesday October 6, 2010

Bella Union Bar
Level 1, Trades Hall
Corner of Victoria & Lygon Streets
Carlton South

Free entry. Doors open 7.30pm; slam kicks off 8pm.


Inaugural theme: “Firsts”

Ten people each have five minutes to tell a story around a particular theme. Judges in the audience rate each story on both content and performance. Everyone has a great time.

1. Check out the Rocket Clock theme of the month. Plan your story. Write it down. Read it to your cat. Think about your first line and your last line. Don’t neglect the bits in the middle. Try it out on your cat again.

2. Pre-register your intent to tell by emailing, or register on the night. Gather a support crew. Arrange a babysitter for your cat.

3. Make yourself known to the Rocket Clock crew on the night. Await your turn patiently. Dazzle the generous crowd. Win great prizes.


Come along and let us know you’re keen to judge. Score the tellers out of ten. Be open to liquid bribes.


Listen, laugh, drink, cheer & weep. No interrupting. No heckling

The fine print

Rocket Clock is a place for stories. True stories. Personal narratives. Stuff that really happened to you. Sure, we won’t be fact checking every detail, and some poetic licence is welcome, but that one about the time you had to defeat your new girlfriend’s seven evil exes is not your story. It’s Scott Pilgrim’s.

Rocket Clock is not a place for preaching, venting, ranting or selling. It’s a place for sharing, and for celebrating the art and craft of storytelling. Humour is encouraged, but don’t see this as an opportunity to hone your new stand-up routine. It’s not.

Rocket Clock is about telling not reading. No notes allowed. It’s a good idea to write your story down and then practice reading it aloud. Multiple times. In the car, in the shower, at Sunday lunch. Practice makes perfect. Your mum always said so. She was right.

Each teller will have five minutes to share their story. Five minutes only. There will be a warning bell with one minute to go. You may be forcibly removed from the stage by the MC if you attempt to exceed the five minute limit. You have been warned.

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