Thursday, September 9, 2010

JJ Retailer of Tales: Telling stories for Channel 31

John Sheills... later celebrated as JJ, was first captivated by puppetry’s magic and the thrall of stories well told, as a boy in Orbost. JJ has been variously involved in education and the performing arts for over 25 years.

JJ welcomes opportunities to dispel the popular notion that storytelling is just for kids. He offers stories for community events anniversaries, senior citizen functions, restaurants, exhibition openings, book launches …wherever.

JJ’s mission is to bestir the collective sense of wonder in keeping the stuff of story alive by sharing his stories with all who love to hear a story well told.

Here he is in action telling stories to children as part of Channel 31’s new Storytime program. JJ is part of the team of Vic Guild tellers who participated in supporting Bret Dalgleish’s vision of a program for preschool age children.

Storytime is scheduled to air sometime in November (dates to be revealed) and then, and in JJ’s words … ‘Stories will blow across borders …settle quietly …take root…and flower.’

Bookings: (03) 5968 2492

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