Thursday, August 9, 2018

EXPRESSION OF INTEREST: Peace of Heart 22nd September

Hello Storytellers,

I live in Macedon and have long coveted the lovely 100-seat Mountview Theatre just up the road from me, as a great venue for stories. Recently the Mount Players Theatre kindly agreed to allow Storytelling Australia Victoria (SAV) to host a storytelling evening at the theatre on 22 September.

This is a call for expressions of interest from storytellers to participate. The idea for the evening is that half the tellers will be local to the Macedon Ranges and the other half will be from SAV membership.

The 22 September is not only the equinox, but it is also the International Day of Peace and so we have chosen this as the theme. Tellers are invited to:
  • Tell us a story about peace.
  • Tell us a story about a struggle for peace - the challenges, fears, and wars that rage when peace is gone.
  • Tell us a story that looks peace in the eye - a story that asks the tough questions. Is this peace resting on justice? Does this peace negate another story? Does this peace lie?
  • Tell us a story about where peace can be found—in the world, your country, state, community or family.
  • Tell us a story with glimpses of peace, its beauty and love, as it swings by in our lives.
  • Or tell us a story about the place it all begins—your heart. 
Selection of the storytellers will be based on the different genres of stories and the various styles of storytelling within our membership. You will need to be a current member of Storytelling Australia Victoria. Kindly ensure that your membership is active.  Membership HERE.

The story should be between 5 and 10 minutes long, (with 10 minutes being the strict maximum) and any genre of story - true and personal, folk or traditional, made up or historical.

If you are selected as a storyteller on the evening, you will need to be a member of SAV. However once you are a member of SAV, we can offer to pay you $50 as a token of appreciation for your efforts - we know this in no way represents adequate compensation for your time and talents.  SAV membership is $20, so after joining you would end up with $30, and a years membership of SAV. 

This promises to be a wonderful night of storytelling. We are really keen to showcase the rich and diverse storytellers within the SAV community and the Macedon Ranges.

Please do not hesitate to contact me with any queries and I will send you the EoI, full storytelling brief and promotion request. 

E: before Friday, 17th August 2018.
*Members, who wish to participate in Peace of Heart but are unable to send information via Internet, can call me (Kate) (on 0402 080 445).

Warm regards,

Kate Lawrence
Vice President
Storytelling Australia Victoria