Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Kids Tell Stories: a workshop for kids September 25 - 29

Holiday fun in the Murrindindi Shire

“Kids Tell Stories” is a five day workshop (two hours per day) for primary school students who are passionate about learning how to tell a fictional story (folk, fable, myth) in a performative way for an audience. 

Lana will guide participants to choose a story that resonates with them, to get to know the ‘bones’ of the story and learn how to map stories. 

Participants will then learn how to start and finish a story using ‘traditional European folk’ strategies. 

Participants will be guided in developing their story tools (voice, eyes, hands, face, body) to develop their story performance skills. 

Finally each participant will put the knowledge together to practice and then perform a story for family, friends and peers.

Who: Young People aged 6 to 12 years
When: Monday 25th September to Friday 29th September 2017
Time: 10am to 12.00pm each day 

Where: 52 Downey Street Alexandra
Cost: $120.00 for whole workshop
Book at: HERE

For more information contact Lana Woolf
E: bula@lanawoolf.com
W: lanawoolf.com
For more information about what Lana does www.sparkingchange.com.au.

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