Thursday, December 22, 2016

Niki na Meadhra: Fair and Furious: The Women of the Táin February 2017

Devised and performed by Niki na Meadhra, for all ages. 
Photo: Caveboy Studios

WHEN: Friday 24 February @ 8.00pm and 25 Saturday @ 3.00pm
WHERE: The Celtic Club, Brian Boru Room, 320 Queen Street Melbourne
COST: $30 (full price), $20.00 (concession), $15 school children

Some academics have declared The Táin misogynistic in its treatment of female characters, but having spent time with them, as a storyteller, I can't agree - unless my only measure of women is to characterise them as whores or virgins. To me, these women and goddesses are sexually bold, potent, complex and vivid.  Niki na Meadhra

Niki is a highly experienced performer. Her family connections tie her to Ireland and she loves its mythologies, and communicates its mythology and cosmology with infectious joy.

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