Thursday, November 10, 2016

Kate Lawrence is podcasting.

"Story Wise Woodend" features personal stories told at the monthly events Kate holds at the Holgates Hotel, Woodend.

I recommend it.

Kate's love of people and their tales is as compelling as the stories themselves. An intro episode and two full episodes into the series and Kate's depth and breadth of knowledge about how stories work as a path between the teller and their audience is already well demonstrated.

Vibrant, passionate, real people sharing their insights, their triumphs and tragedies, their humour and their heartbreak.

A recording may never capture the visceral buzz I get from attending live story telling but it can showcase the talent and archive the tales such events bring together. I defy anyone to listen to Kate's output and not feel drawn to the nearest story telling evening.

A seed sown a year ago is germinating into something wonderful. Kate's onto a winner.

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The words above come from storyteller Matt McArthur. Thanks Matt. We love it when members send in reviews, observations and updates on their adventures. And congratulations Kate on a superb series of storytelling nights that we can now all enjoy wherever, we are in the world. (Jackie K blog ed.)

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