Sunday, February 7, 2016

'Tales from the Flyway' with Jackie Kerin and Sarah Depasquale: March dates

'Tales from the Flyway'

My musical collaborator, Sarah Depasquale, and I have created a storytelling show about the migratory shore birds that travel between south east Australia and the Arctic Tundra. The corridor they travel is called the East Asian Australasian Flyway.

We asked the question: 'If we could travel with the birds along the Flyway and visit countries along the way, what stories might we hear?' I've collected stories from Indonesia, Thailand, Siberia and Japan and Sarah weaves these together with pieces she has chosen that include, Bach, Massenet and original compositions.

'Tales from the Flyway' is dedicated to the people who work to maintain wetlands around the world but especially our local Rangers, Friends Groups and volunteers in Australia.

'Tales' is suitable for all ages; its light hearted and occasionally informative.

We have shows coming up in March.

March 5   Immigration Museum 2.00 pm

March 12  Port Fairy Folk Festival 11.00 am
March 13  Port Fairy Folk festival  1.30 pm

(If you're planning on going to Port Fairy, check the program in case there have been changes. We're also involved in workshops and part of a round robin with Jim Haynes and Noel Stallard, 'Celtic Connections'.)

You can read more about our show on my website and see videos: HERE
Jackie Kerin

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