Wednesday, December 30, 2015

WORKSHOP and PERFORMANCE: 13 January 2016

 Fire, Water, Earth and Air
How do the stories from the two hemispheres fuse the elements?
Storytelling Workshops and Performance
Jointly presented by Storytelling Australia Victoria and the Art Gallery of Ballarat

International Storytellers

  introduced by local storyteller 
 Anne in action at the Art Gallery of Ballart

 plus stories by members of

9.30 Anne E Stewart Welcome and Introduction to the Gallery   

10.00 Morning Tea (provided)

10.30 Christine Willison, will spark off memories and imagination to inspire new ideas for storytelling. Sharing stories from her repertoire she will illustrate and define the creative and developmental processes involved with storytelling including presentation, performance and visualisation skills. Christine will encourage people to paint picture with words.

Christine on her beloved Pembrokeshire coast

12.30 Lunch (bring your own or take advantage of the many cafes nearby)

1.30  Cadu Cinelli performing as Os Tapetes Contadores de Histórias, (The Carpet Storytellers) from Brazil, has created and used carpets and other cloth objects (panels, suitcases, aprons, clothes, boxes and cloth books) as the scenery for authored and popular tales from all over the world, in the attempt to encourage children, youngsters and adults to enjoy arts and reading. He will tell some stories from this repertoire

Cadu working with exquisite textile props made by himself and from Peru, France and other places

3.30 Afternoon Tea (provided)

4.00 Open Mic Storytelling inspired by art in the Gallery (or call Anne on 0408 550 945)

 Allis tells a story in front of 'Under the Burden and Heat of the Day' by David Davies - January 2015 w/shop

WHERE: Art Gallery of Ballarat  40 Lydiard Street Ballarat HERE

WHEN: Wednesday 13 January 2016

COST: $25 or $20 (members of Storytelling Australia Victoria only)

BOOKINGS (Essential): Art Gallery of Ballarat 5320 5858
Book online HERE

If you require further information: call Anne E Stewart  0408 550 945 

The Gallery is a short walk from the Train Station. For Melbourne commuters, check the timetable HERE.There will be a few of us departing from Southern Cross and Footscray Stations. If you'd like to travel with fellow storytellers call Jackie 0412 210 098

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