Monday, September 28, 2015

'Scenes on the Yarra' celebrating World Rivers Day 2015

The Melbourne Fringe Festival is in full swing and a couple of Vic storytellers have been collaborating on an interdisciplinary piece celebrating World Rivers Day. Beginning on the lawn outside The Dock Library, Scenes on the Yarra took the audience on a guided walk along North Wharf.  The audience heard the creation story for the Yarra, visited the place where the Alma Doepel is being restored and the wooden boat shed, as well as being treated to projected installations, dance and poetry. 

This project has been moving down the River: Warburton, Healsville, Yarra Glen, Warrandyte, Herring Island. 

In March 2016 Scenes on the Yarra will arrive in Williamstown, at the mouth of the Yarra.

The Artists: Rebecca Page, Simon Oats, Christian Bishop, Joey Soh, Jutta Pryor, Matteo Volpi, Elisabeth Henderson, Lana Woolf, Vivienne Halat, Stepanka Cervinkova, Alicia Fernandez, William Veitch, Ceitidh Hopper and Jeminah Alli Reidy.

Read more about Scenes on the Yarra HERE

Pics: Lana Woolf and Simon Oats

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