Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Gardening, Cooking and Storytelling with RAW

It’s a long drive from Macedon to Hampton but it was time for Kate Lawrence (Macedon) and Mariam Issa (Hampton) to finally meet up and enjoy a cuppa in the RAW Garden.

These two are passionate about building and strengthening relationships through story and they are definitely RAW – Resilient Aspiring Women.

RAW began in 2012 and aims to create an inclusive and caring community. Mariam’s garden is created with the assistance of volunteers; there are raised wiki beds, an out-door kitchen and a fire pit.  In this garden, storytelling is valued as a way to educate and inspire young and old.

Mariam is looking ahead to 2016 and planning events for the garden. As the Storytelling Australia Vic committee is also beginning to shape our calendar, Kate will be liaising with RAW and assisting Mariam with a program of storytelling.

We look forward to seeing many of you telling stories in the RAW garden. We’ll keep you posted via our Members Newsletter as plans progress.
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In the meantime, have a look at The RAW website HERE and checkout the coming events. 

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