Saturday, November 8, 2014

Introducing The Mahabharata Project 2014 -15

We invite you to join us because … thinking is fun, talking is nice, dancing is good and singing is splendid!

In the knowledge that there are storytellers with an unquenchable curiosity to learn more about the great stories that have been passed down through time, Storytelling Australia Vic and Friends have formed The Mahabharata Project. Living in places near and far and from a variety of cultural and linguistic backgrounds; we are a loose collective of folk. For these reasons we formed our Project on Facebook.

From ancient India, The Mahabharata, is ten times the length of the Iliad and the Odyssey combined, and with roots in the oral tradition, is one of the world’s great texts inspiring all art forms: music, painting, sculpture, cinema, comics, animation, performance, comedy and philosophical debate.

In this group we are sharing ideas, links and resources and where geographically  possible, gathering around food, making music and telling stories. Ignorance is the starting point for many of us, so we are grateful to have some on board who can lead the way.

We understand that the subject is as vast as the ocean but a toe in the water, is a beginning. Our goal is to present the results of our quest in a celebratory event sometime in 2015.

Hopefully this is the beginning of a series of projects where we can examine and learn something of the stories so carefully handed down to us, over thousands of years.

We welcome folk who are not storytellers but wish to participate wherever you are in the world. We’re particularly excited to see people joining us from Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia.

 The Mahabharata Project is moderated by Storytelling Australia Victoria and Friends. 

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