Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Storytelling Nights at the Elwood Lounge

There is a new storytelling event in Melbourne: Storytelling Nights at the Elwood Lounge.

These are thematic nights and you will need to check their Facebook page to keep up to speed.

Ian McNally arrived in town from Liverpool only very recently and is dead keen to contribute to the story scene. He and his mate Justin, enthused by the love of a good story tracked down a venue in Elwood and got on with the task of making it happen

If you have a tale to tell, you need to be there by 7.00 for a 7.3O pm start. If you need a feed, there are $12 Parmas and all storytellers on the night get a free drink from the bar.

For how to get there and all other details follow Storytelling Nights at The Elwood Lounge on Faceboook:

Here's Tim Spiteri in action at the Elwood Lounge. Tim is a lager than life adveturer. With a small team he recently rowed from Western Australia to the Seychelles (4,000ks); T-boned a Blue Whale, outwitted pirates, and swooned at the moonbow. You can read more about Tim's Voyage HERE

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  1. Hi, thanks Jackie, Fiona, Ian, Justin and interstate visitor Jo Henwood from Australian Fairy Tale Society, for meeting in the realm of birds. All the best lads for your Elwood Lounge storytelling nights... I'm aiming to come along & hear a few yarns there soon. Fey regards, Louisa