Monday, July 14, 2014

Stories by the Fire, Newport Folk Festival. 2014

The Newport Folk Festival is a grass roots fun-fest, the brain child of the Newport Fiddle and Folk Club. Now 7 years old, the Festival is a weekend of music, dance, storytelling and workshops that include drawing, bread making and of course more music.

Storytelling Vic has hosted an event as part of the festival from the beginning.  Thanks to the support of Jim Rush (ginger biscuits), No Worries Curries (the chai), JJ Sheills (gluten free cake), John Bowers (sausage rolls), JB Rowley (herself) and MCs Niki na Meadhra, Kate Lawrence, Matteo and Teena Hartnett, we have been able to run an open floor for folks who want to have a go.

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