Monday, June 16, 2014

Gael Cresp: Stories for Grownups: Wonthaggi June 2014

On Friday 13 June the first of these sessions was held.

I arrived with my apples and saw 20 empty chairs. But by the time the session began all of the seats were occupied – some folk I knew from the community and some were complete strangers.

Since the session was billed as “Winter Stories” I started with the story of the apple tree who wanted the stars in her branches (see link below) then I cut the one of the apples to show not only the star but the sparkles that surrounded it.

Then I began the story of Atalanta (see link below), segued through an account of the creation of a golden ball with a secret opening mechanism and into a version of “The Frog Prince” (this one has yet to be filmed or written up).

 These stories were followed by a short question and answer session and I invited them all back next month for stories around the theme “If you can’t be a good example you’ll just have to be a horrible warning."

Information and bookings HERE

The Apple Tree (told by Gael Cresp) 
Sometimes we just need to change our way of looking at things to find the hidden secrets in side.
Atalanta (told by Gael Cresp) 
When I first read this story in the grade 3 reader I was annoyed that Atalanta could be tricked by just rolling some balls at her feet – then when I grew up (and found the story of the Apple Tree) I created this version.

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