Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Jan "Yarn" Wositzky: Victorian Storytellers are building up for a busy 2014

How long have you called yourself a Storyteller?
 Since 1983/4 when we put together the show 'The Fruitcake of Australian Stories' a show that ran in Melbourne for five weeks, and was billed as a cultural cabaret from black, white and olive Australia.

What has been you involvement in Storytelling Australia (Vic) 
 Doing the odd gig here and there.

What do you love the most about storytelling?
 It's the essential breathing in and out of our lives - we breath in life, we breath out stories.

What is your favourite story?
 Not possible to say.

What is the most memorable moment you have experienced either as a listener or a teller?
Listening to Brian Hungerford for the first time at Woodford Folk Festival telling the story of Tam Lin (which he called the story of Janet, because she is the hero, not Tam Lin), where an audience of hippies, bikies, old country ladies, folkies, intellectuals and others were totally enthralled. It was a revelation.

Describe a busy week?
Writing, phoning, driving, going to a gig, playing banjo, trying to cook, writing, cooking up a show, entrepreneuring a gig, writing, rehearsing, building the garden, going to the market, writing, meditation.

What are you planning at the moment?
BILARNI - a show about Bill Harney, Australia's greatest yarn-spinner and in the 1950s the 'expert' on Aborigines.

Thanks Jan. You forgot to mention that you will be in Canberra April 18 - 20 with 'Bilarni' and  appearances at the National Folk Festival, so I'll say it for you. 

Check Jan's website for details and his gig list: HERE