Saturday, February 22, 2014

Niki Na Meadhra and Enchanted Evening returns 2 March 2014

Enchanted Evening returns, Sunday 2nd March, to welcome Autumn with special guest storyteller Teena Hartnett and musicians Chris de Groot and Callum Moncrieff. Teena and I will explore themes arising from the beginning of Autumn in stories from around the world, woven together with the musical magic of Chris and Callum.

Enchanted Evening will only take place 4 times this year - to welcome Autumn, Winter, Spring and to celebrate Halloween.

We are also introducing two NEW events soon - one for children and their families, "Ears and Tales" and one exploring the dark side of the Feminine in myths and stories, "A Night With Mother Nyx." You can always get info about Hearth Tales events on this page, or join our mailing list at

Niki Na Meadhra

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