Monday, December 9, 2013

Ladders to the Moon: plans for 2014

Ladders to the Moon is currently the only monthly night of traditional storytelling in Melbourne (we know of) that is open for experienced and beginner storytellers to exchange stories. The tellers gather from around Melbourne and beyond, and in a cozy and welcoming space, and in front of an audience curled up on comfy couches, the magic takes place. Although this is a night for adults, all are welcome.  MC Simon Oats and the Ladders team could not do more to make both the audience and tellers feel at home.

 Simon explains the Ladders vision for 2014.

Check for DATES and TIMES and for Ladders to the Moon: HERE

WHERE: 303 High street Northcote
COST: $10

Pic: December Ladders marked the end of a wonderful year of traditional storytelling featuring storytellers from around Victoria, and some from as far away as Ireland, Wales and Berlin.

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