Monday, September 16, 2013

Ladders to the Moon Sunday 15 September 2013

Ladders to the Moon is proving to be popular with storytellers and listeners. 

The Ladders team: Teena Hartnett, Simon Oats and Prem Jaya have revived traditional storytelling nights in Melbourne, injecting fresh life and enthusiasm into the form.  They've created a safe place where experienced storytellers can develop repertoire and beginners can hone their skills.There are several monthly events in Melbourne where thematic, autobiographical storytelling can be found (Rocket Clock, Cock and Bull, Now Hear This) but to my knowledge, Ladders to the Moon and Niki ne Meadhra’s Enchanted Evenings are the places to go if you like old stories.
Ladders to the Moon features 8 storytellers every month and is keen to meet more people who wish to step up onto the stage.

On Sunday night the stories came from around the world: China, Burma, Greece and England.  We heard tales of tenacity, sacrifice, tact, optimism and stories from the inner child.

Next Ladders to the Moon: October 13
Place 303 High Street Northcote (Parking behind 303)
Time: 7.30
Cost: $10
Ladders to the Moon is on  Facebook

 pictured from the top: John Houghton, Jackie Kerin, Gyanamala, Teena Hartnett, Hakan Mapolar, Stev Fioretti, Roslyn Quin, Prem Jaya, Simon Oats
cellist: Michael Avanitakis

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