Sunday, April 7, 2013

Fairy Tale Day at Monash University Clayton - Call for Participation 2013

Fairy Tale Day a Monash University Clayton - Call for Participation

The Rare Books Collection at Monash University is currently holding an exhibition entitled In Fairy Land: An Exhibition of Fairy Tale Books

In honour of this exhibition the literary group, Fairy Tale Salon, at Monash University will be hosting an enchanted daytime event. 

The day is open to readings, performances and discussions about all things fairy tale. This event is open to anyone who has an interest in fairy tales and will take place in the Sir Louis Matheson Library at Monash University Clayton on the 6th of May 2013. 1.00pm ...

We are looking for interested participants who would like to present original work and/or papers on the fairy tale genre. Areas of interest are: 
 Scholarly analysis of fairy tale (incl. literary studies, translation studies, film & TV, drama studies, gender studies) 
 Live performance of fairy tale (incl. new & established fairy tales) 
 Fairy tale readings (incl. new & established fairy tales) 

 Please send a 100-200 word summary or abstract to by the 12th of April 

 In Fairy Land is now open. Details at: 

* This event is highly recommended. If you are planning to participate or simply attend you will not be disappointed. A wonderful opportunity to extend your knowledge of Fairy Tale. If you wish to read about the 2012 event click : here

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