Saturday, September 22, 2012

Dancing the story with Jasmine Wirawan. Festival Indonesia. Melbourne 2012

At 14 years of age Jasmine Wirawan is already an exciting and unique storyteller. Performing In Queensbridge Square as part of the Festival Indonesia, Jasmine held her audience from start to finish. 

Jasmine's style is highly visual with beautiful costumes and props. Her training as a dancer is evident in her carefully choreographed gestures. Snapping away with my camera, I've tried to catch some of her in action. This is 'whole body' storytelling. Every part of Jasmine, from the tips of her toes to the top of her head is engaged in animating the story.

The story Jasmine is telling here is Princess Kemang, an Indonesian folk tale from Sumatra. It was an adaptation from a version retold by Murti Bunanta. 'An unusual story from Bengkulu province, it tells of the courage and bravery of a princess, who is independent and chooses her own match'.

You can learn more about  Indonesian folktales at this website here. There are many available in both Indonesian and English

pic: Jackie Kerin welcoming Jasmine to Melbourne on behalf of Storytelling Vic.

Jasmine is keen to return to Australia. This accomplished storyteller has already much to teach us. If you would like to invite her back please contact me and I can pass on her details.

Jackie Kerin

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  1. Hi! My name is Bima Anggara from Indonesia. Wow Jasmine! She is my friend. I and her performed at International Storytelling Festival in Thailand February 2013. She is great!