Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Susan Pepper is designing and stitching a new banner for Storytelling Australia (Vic)

In the past twelve months our storytellers have been enjoying a 'renovation'. We've changed our name from Storytelling Guild (Victoria) to Storytelling Australia (Victoria), we have a new website http://www.storytellingvic.org.au/ and we even have some new, talented and inspiring members. And soon, we will have a new banner!

Susan Pepper is in the process of designing and making our new flag. In the past  Susan has been an active member, of Storytelling Australia. Perhaps her most significant contribution to the growth and development of storytelling in Victoria was the monthly storytelling cafe she organised and hosted for many years . These cafes nurtured new tellers, provided a place for the experienced to experiment with new stories and welcomed those who just wanted to listen. Based in Abbotsford, this central meeting point made it easy for folk to gather from across the sprawling suburbs. We still miss the Abbotsford Cafes.

Although not telling stories at the moment Susan's support continues. A talented fabric artist, she has been busy drafting and refining ideas for the banner. The result will be stunning, it will be crumple proof and it be of a size that can be easily transported in planes, trains and automoblies.

Susan was photographed in Federation Square showing her drawn design.  The small finished piece you can see is a stitched piece depicting a country town from an aerial perspective.

We look forward to gathering and telling tales under a new banner and thank Susan for her continued interest in Storytelling Vic.

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