Sunday, March 4, 2012

Storytelling Australia (Vic) welcomes the new president

Please join us in welcoming Matteo to the position of president of Storytelling Australia (Victoria).

Matteo had been telling stories for a loooong time! He is supportive and encouraging of folk who wish to learn more about the artform and a great storyteller to boot.

Matteo takes interactive storytelling to a new level, a vast repertoire of traditional tales and in particular tales from the Brothers Grimm.

Thank you Matteo for stepping up to the plate. You follow in the footsteps in some fine story folk. Its going to be a good year for storytelling.

These photos of Matteo in full fight were taken at the Newport Folk Festival by Michael Reynolds.

To learn more about our new leader go directly to Matteo's website here.


  1. Congratulations, Matteo! And how marvellous to see some new blood. Many thanks to all the hardworking committee members – past and present. JB :-)

  2. Congratulation Matteo - been having a wander around your website - it's wonderful/ Looking forward to the storytelling year ahead!