Sunday, August 21, 2011

News from An Author for All Seasons. Mentone Public Library

Julia Reichstein (Storytelling Guild Vic) has been more than busy organising a wonderful season of author and storyteller talks for the Mentone Public Library.

Our next Vic teller appearing at Mentone will be JB Rowley. JB is a well known guest here and interstate in schools and kindergartens as well as adult settings. Her first book, Whisper My Secret has the strong voice of an oral storyteller. An absorbing read, JB unravels a family secret with sensitivity and honesty

JB: 11.00am Saturday 24 September
More about JB here

George Ivanoff is taking to the speaker's chair this month. Although George is not an oral storyteller, we have included a plug for him on our blog as it is the rich mix of the literary and oral traditions that make this series of talks so exciting. George has written over 50 books for children and teenagers, including fiction and non-fiction. He has books on both the Victorian Premier’s and the NSW Premier’s Reading Challenge booklists. His teen science fiction novel, Gamers’ Quest, won a 2010 Chronos Award for speculative fiction. The sequel,Gamers’ Challenge, is due to be published in September 2011.

George Ivanoff: 11.00am Saturday, 27th August
More about George here.

And finally, we received this beautiful email from Mentone following on from storyteller Matteo's visit in July.

'On a dreary Saturday morning, inside Mentone Public Subscription Library, the subject was stories.
An audience of eighteen sat enchanted, mesmerised and willing passengers in an array of mystical worlds and far-away times,
as a gentle, playful, charismatic and relaxed story-teller by the name of Matteo, narrated his way into everyone's hearts.
Strumming both guitar and conga drums to set each scene and mood, Matteo invited all to be active players and co-narrators as stories of chivalry, seeming stupidity, daring and courage were shared, explored and disseminated.
It resulted in Matteo being barricaded in the library until 1.30pm as guests urged him to "play-on" and keep sharing more! An even greater discovery was made that morning beyond the realms of the joy of oral narrative and Matteo's talent; a forum was evoked, where discussion about our very own everyday challenges, methods of communication and lessons from our individual pasts was exchanged.
Guests entered to seek shelter, entertainment and companionship, and left with full bellies and warm, open hearts!

Thank-you, Matteo'

More about Matteo here

Bookings essential for Author for All Seasons. Please Contact:

  • Mrs. Jean Critchley – President 9584 2068
  • Ms. Sue Blackford – Secretary 9583 5648
  • Ms. Julia Reichstein – Publicity

Location: Rear of the Community Assistance and Information Bureau,

36 Florence Street, Mentone.

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